Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad Review

Will the Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad be a worthy replacement for your Xbox 360 controller?    Lets find out in this indepth review.  


Will the Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad be a worthy replacement for your Xbox 360 controller?    Lets find out in this indepth review.  

This controller goes after the xbox360 design,  so casual gamers who are on a tight budget can enjoy an alternative gamepad with a price tag of 1599 Rs (  ie: at the time of this writing. Click below to buy it . ( EDIT : Lighting Deal going on and you can steal it for 690 Rs )

RedGear Pro Series Wireless GamePad

BOX Contents :

  1. Gamepad
  2. Micro Usb cable
  3. Driver Cd
  4. A Quick Manual
  5. Usb receiver


One of the many things i love about this controller is that it not only looks like an xbox360,  it is an Xinput controller, where your Pc detects it as a typical xbox controller   Hurray!!  you dont need to configure  using 3rd party applications to fool ur gaming rig that it is an xbox controller.

Wireless Range 

Yes it is wireless using RF signals at 2.4 ghz no bluetooth so it isnt exactly a solo device. You need to hook it up with a USB receiver.  The Range is exceptional for users who want to buy this for a couch play in your mancave or living room.  But tends to lag in gameplay when you have  multiple wireless device using the same frequency causing signal interference.

Battery life 

The company says  10  hours. Now i havent been able to test that but for casual gamers such as me,  i charge it after 3 days with 2 hours of gameplay under the belt.

The charging is done by a Micro Usb cable with a duration of 6 hours for a full charge.  The LED indicator flashes in charging mode and shows no light when its full.

Can we play it in WIRED MODE?

Sadly you cant.  The gamepad only accepts the cable for charging not for wired gaming.

Design and Build Quality

The gamepad is is of hard plastic with rubberized grips on both ends of the gamepad,  suitable for persons with sweaty palms.

The X,Y,A,B keys,  Dpad,  analogue stick all resemble the xbox360 controller

The vibration is moderate but not at all disappointing. Although its essential that you have to install the Driver that came along with the Disk,  In case you lost the disc i have uploaded it here for you.

Click Here to download driver

The button press feedback is crisp and on the lighter side.  However the rubber on the analogue stick has an off chance to wear off with consistent gaming so i suggest to buy thumb grips for longer life.

The Dpad could have been improved with a round layout to actually feel that you are pressing two buttons for a bidirection control.

The LED indicator shows you whether it is Xinput mode or Dinput mode

The turbo mode here is a toggle button which enables you to simulate rapid button presses that you can customize on which button you need to do.

Yes they are Backlit

Moving on to the pros and cons


  1. Cheaper than the xbox360
  2. It is wireless. Clutter free
  3. Excelent Range
  4. Average Battery life
  5. Xinput controller


  1. Multiple wireless device on the same frequency disturbs the signal resulting in laggy gameplay
  2. No bluetooth,  so android phones will need an OTG
  3. Service Centres are in limited regions
  4. No application to change the sensitivity of the LT and RT buttons
  5. Micro Usb provided is only for charging purposes. You cannot use it in WIRED MODE.

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